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Available Services

Ensuring that your electrical motors work as efficiently as possible is essential in keeping your electricity bills as low as possible.

A.E.S provide a complete service for electrical motor rewinds, and industrial pumps, including inspection, testing, repairs and rewinds throughout the UK of both AC and DC motors.

We also Sell New motors, with competitive prices but ensuring top quality. We can also supply inverters and Gearboxes.

A.E.S have invested in the latest laser alignment equipment to provide the closest possible tolerances for our repairs, ensuring that your equipment runs as efficiently as possible.

Our Mechanical experience has no boundaries, from full strip down of gearboxes, shaft repairs, bearing changes and Gear manufacturing We will have you completely covered.

A.E.S  provides an on-site call out service for electrical and mechanical repairs. Our service covers a wide range of industries.

Our experience includes manufacturing, machining, turning, process plants, food packaging, automotive, Air Handling units (AHU) and Aerospace, we pride ourselves in our customer service and rapid response covering 24/7/365 days.

A.E.S Can provide on-site pump services Which consist of seal changes, bearing changes and also electrical testing of the pump motor it-self.

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